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Why recycling 

Unfortunately cork stoppers cannot be reused in new wine bottles, but we can reuse it in many new products.

Obuwie Korkowe

Shoes: cork can be reused in production of shoes.

Deska korkowa

Surfing boards, Garrett McNamara used cork made surfing board when beat the World record of high wave surfed.

Metro Warszawa Korka

Metro, Warsaw metro used cork in the construction of new metro. Cork absorbers sound, vibrations and is a thermal isolator.

trawa korek

UEFA, in France, during the Euro 2016 an innovative natural turf with the addition of cork was used. This reduced impacts by up to 40%, while protecting the players' joints

Nasa korek

In Space, the cork's heat capacity is as high as 2,000ºC. NASA and the EU space agencies use it in their spacecraft.

Energia wiatrowa

Wind Energy, power generating turbines may contain cork as it prevents freezing and is waterproof.

Izolacja akustyczna i termiczna z korka

Sound and thermal isolation, cork is an excellent heat insulator and soundproofing material.

 korek jest używany do produkcji

In Sports, cork is component of badminton shuttlecock, 
table tennis rackets, golf clubs, darts targets and tennis balls, hockey balls, cricket balls and baseball balls.

Kask z korka

Helmet, cork works better than polystyrene in helmets for motor vehicles.

pył korkowy może być również użyty do produkcji energii

Biomass, cork dust can also be used to generate energy.

orek jako izolator świetlny, dźwiękowy i termiczny

Aviation, cork as light, sound and thermal isolator is a perfect material to make airplanes light, sound proof and less cold for better comfort of the passengers.

orek jest bardzo lekki oraz wodoodporny co czyni go idealnym materiałem do produkcji

Kayak, cork is super light what makes a great natural component for kayaks. 

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