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Give your cork a new life!

We want your cork!

Give us your cork
Korek po szampanie

With millions natural cork stoppers being used every year, we need your help to create real change with recycled cork. 
Join the ReKorek movement!

 Korek po winie

Please don't thrash away your natural cork from wine, champagne or prosecco bottles.

Drop them off in a local Public Collection Partner near you.

Becoming a partner is easy and free.

We have different partnerships options that suits your business.

Why to Recycle

40 million cork wine stoppers are made per day just in Portugal!

Korek od szampana

The oak tree needs 25 years to produce cork with the quality used in bottles. After that, cork is extracted from the tree every 9 years.

Cork can only be extracted 17 times from the same tree and it has average exploration of 150 years.

Over 70% of the raw cork is used for the production cork stoppers. Most Poles throw away used plugs that can be recycled.

Recycling cork is important because we can give a new life to cork and avoid it's end in the landfill.

Cork oak is a slow-growing species that plays an important role in CO2 capture.


Its roots, leaves, trunk and bark absorb CO2 throughout the life of the tree and cork products continues to absorb CO2 during its duration.

Cork is extracted by hand with care, dedication and lots of sweat, don't let this work precious material end in the garbage!

Korek naturalny
Korek po winie

Cork is natural, recycled and reusable product. To reuse and preserve this precious natural resource ReKorek has goal of raising awareness among local populations about the richness of this material.


Although recycled cork will never be reused to produce new wine stoppers, there are many other possible alternative applications.

For example in memo boards, markers, floors, cladding, components for the automotive industry, insulation, among other cool stuff.

Uratuj Korek
Segregacja korka jest prosta

Next time you pop a bottle, remember we want your cork!

Recykling korka
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